Alexandra Pirici. Aggregate.

August 12 – August 17, 2017

Opening: Friday, August 11, 6pm

Alexandra Pirici, 2016 © Jens Ziehe
Curator: Raluca Voinea

Neuer Berliner Kunstverein presents the first solo exhibition of Alexandra Pirici in Germany. Conceived as a living environment, the exhibition
Aggregate forms the framework for over 80 performers, who together with the visitors create a swarm movement in space. It is based on embodied memories that negotiate fragments of the common world heritage. Here, Pirici is referring to attempts by mankind to preserve essential aspects of its existence in time capsules, such as NASA’s “Voyager Golden Records”, comprising selected information on life on Earth in order to make it available for other, alien species.

Pirici addresses such an “ark” as a process, in which information is subjectively selected and transformed, fitting into categories such as life forms, sounds from Earth, cultural achievements, scientific techniques and knowledge, but also inanimate objects and the uncategorizable. In a constant stream of bodies, which includes the visitors of the exhibition, selected common memories belonging to different canons and historical stages emerge and disappear through enactment. In this way, the living environment adapts, multiplies and amplifies individual and collective proposals on a principle similar to that of online dynamics and memetics.
Aggregate invites us to experience how we define our identity in a collective and how this process is shaped by the selective recollection of memories we would like to save for ourselves in the present and the future.

In exploring Pirici’s project, the usual distance between the work of art and the viewer is deconstructed, the art space is questioned and jointly defined. The movement towards the work of art becomes part of the work itself, the work emerges from movement.

Alexandra Pirici (b. 1982 in Bucharest) lives and works in Bucharest. Most recently, her projects were shown at, a. o., Berlin Biennale (2016); Tate Modern, London, and Tate Liverpool (2016); Off-Biennale Budapest (2015); Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg (2014); Centre Pompidou, Paris (2014); Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2014); Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2014); Venice Biennale (2013). In 2015, she received the Excellence Award of the National Dance Center, Bucharest. This year Alexandra Pirici takes part in Skulptur Projekte Münster.

Saturday – Wednesday 2–6 pm / Thursday 6–8 pm
Closed on Monday