The n.b.k. Artothek

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Wearing a mask that covers mouth and nose during your visit to n.b.k. is recommended.

Collection, loan, art education, artist support program
Set up in 1970, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein’s lending library for artworks, the Artothek—the largest such institution in Germany—comprises 4,000 artworks from the 20th and 21st century, which may be borrowed by private individuals and public institutions. The Artothek records around 11,000 loans per year. The collection encompasses paintings, sculptures, watercolors, collages, gouaches, drawings, prints, and photographs. Every year, n.b.k. acquires new works of art for the Artothek collection, which in this way serves as an important tool of support for Berlin-based artists. Outreach and education programs help making the art and artists accessible to private users as well as to institutions and schools. The sculptural display system designed by artist Silke Wagner (Roland, 1998) serves several purposes: easy approach, information, presentation, and archiving of works. Changing presentations put emphases on varying themes inherent to the collection. With the Artothek and its extended educational activities, n.b.k. is pursuing the democratic idea of cultural education for all.

Terms of loan
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein lends works of its Artothek collection free of charge to everybody over 16 years of age who is an officially registered resident of Berlin. For each artwork, an insurance fee of 3 Euro for 3 months is to be paid. Nonmembers can borrow artworks for a maximum period of six months; members of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein can borrow artworks for a maximum period of one year. Detailed loan conditions and a registration form can be downloaded here.

The Artothek collection at Neuer Berliner Kunstvereins (n.b.k.), display architecture by Silke Wagner (
Roland, 2008) © n.b.k. / Jens Ziehe, 2018