Conceptual Art From California

November 12 – November 23, 2008

Videoquietly: Terry Fox, Flour Dumplings, 1981 
(from the collection n.b.k. Video forum)
Max Almy, Ant farm, John Baldessari, Aristarkh Chernyshov/Vladislav Efimov, Timothy Collins, Lowell Darling, Christian OF Draeger/Martin free, Terry Fox, Ingo Gerken, Lucy Gunning, Doug resound, Mel Henderson, Gary Hill, David of Irish country House, Joanne Kelly, Ned Khan, Marlene Kos, Paul Kos, Tony Labat, Paula Levine, chip lord, Mary Lucier, Tom Marioni, Paul McCarthy, Bruce Nauman, Nicole Raufeisen/Ryan Witt, John Roloff, Darryl Sapien, Irish Republican Army cutter, Corinna cut, Ilene Segalove, Richard Serra/Nancy gets, Bonnie Sherk, Survival Research Laboratories, Mark of Thompson, Bill Viola

Trustee: Kathrin Becker

California was into the 1960er years the center of the Gegenkultur and the Mekka of the HIPPI movement. The argument with questions according to the definition of the work of art flowed into new styles such as action art, performance, happening and video art. The conceptual, process-clung and Ephemere step art to the place „more retinaler “such as painting and sculpture. Investigations to phenomenological features such as area, light and clay/tone, questions about identity and sex politics as well as the relationship of work of art and BetrachterIn become dominant factors topics within the art.

The California art scene made an important contribution for the penetration of the Neo avant-garde. However the positions of conceptual California art - with exception of some fewer central artists such as Bruce Nauman, Garry Hill and Bill Viola - are today comparatively unknown. The exhibition project Conceptual kind From California arranges the view of this scene and presents work from the collection n.b.k. Video forum as well as selected positions outside of the collection. A central principal item of the presentation is of Constance the Lewallen for the exhibition Facing Eden: 100 Years OF Bay AREA Landscape in the M.H de Young museum, San Francisco, 1995, kuratierte video program with numerous artists, who itself with topics such as ecology, which alienation of humans from nature, in addition, sozio political topics argue such as migration and security policy. The exhibition is supplemented by a set of works of non-California artists, who refer either to concrete works of artists such as Bruce Nauman or Chris Burden or develop a general purchase for California situation.

Videoquietly: Corinna cut, Living A Beautiful Life, 2003 (from the collection n.b.k. Video forum) Web more viewer