Thursday, March 11, 2010, 7 pm
Exhibition Tour

Exhibition talk with Gaby Hartel, Frank Kaspar and Katrin Klingan

During the age of the historical avant-gardes, the arts formed a mutually enriching synthesis before the separation and specialization into individual disciplines set in during the 1930s. Radio was a place in which this interplay of the arts was attempted over and over, also against the dominance of the dialog-centered radio play. The exhibition project Sounds- Radio – Art – New Music makes radio accessible as an artistic medium, and makes it possible to experience it in a spatial context. Based on the polyvocality of radio art and a fascination with the disembodied character that shaped the early years of radio, the exhibition opens surprising perspectives on radio art and its potential to create complex experiential spaces.

Five radio works that emerged in the framework of the German/Czech radio art project
rádio d-cz formed the starting point of the exhibition. Writers, artists, dramaturges, sound collectors, and musicians went on a journey of discovery in German-Czech lifeworlds for rádio d-cz. Using actual and fictional history, the radio features, radio plays, and sound collages tell of adventures and self-made men, fences that separate and sounds that connect. The five pieces encounter in the exhibition historical and contemporary references that make it possible for us to understand their respective stylistic resonance. Furthermore, for the duration of the exhibition Ursula Block will open her archive on the history of new music and acoustic art and move her Berlin music store “gelbe MUSIK” temporarily inside the exhibition space of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein.

An additional 25 referential pieces from 80 years of radio history stand for the five elementary force fields of radio that fascinated writers and artists since the beginning of the medium: the flexible mobility with which radio abolishes geographic distance, its puzzling play with the limits of public and private space, its art of creating fictional spaces with original sounds, its ability to sensitize us to the complex sound textures of an everyday sound environment, and the inherent paradox of a disembodied medium that emphasizes the physical quality of the voice. The exhibition will explore these five force fields using radio plays, features, and sound compositions that circle around the main pieces.

The archive part of the exhibition presents 100 additional radio art productions from the participating broadcasters.

Conceptual Team: Marius Babias, Gaby Hartel, Frank Kaspar, Katrin Klingan

Exhibition Design: Ruudi Beier, Peter Wellach (id3d-berlin themengestaltung)

Assistant: Silvia Ploner

An exhibition project in cooperation with Zipp – German-Czech Cultural Projects, an initiative of Federal Cultural Foundation.