Sunday, January 27, 2013, 4 pm
Art as a Form of Crisis (Part 2): Money in the State of Crisis. The Example of Greece

Discussion and workshop with Blaumachen, Athens/Thessaloniki, Michael Heinrich (mathematician and political scientist, contributing editor Prokla. Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenschaft, Berlin), Nikos Arvanitis (artist und musician, Athens) and Freundinnen und Freunde der klassenlosen Gesellschaft (Berlin), moderated by Kerstin Stakemeier (co-curator Ultimate Substance)

The panel discussion, followed by a workshop, will treat the questions raised by Anja Kirschner’s and David Panos’ film on a concrete political level. Whatever is urging into the presence in Ultimate Substance as a form of thinking and working and as a historical ancestry, will be discussed as the burning questions of our political present on that afternoon by Berlin based political theorist Michael Heinrich, by Athens based artist Nikos Arvenitis, together with participants from two political groups, Friends of the Classless Society (Berlin) and Blaumachen (Thessaloniki/London). Triggered by the figure of the all-around medium of exchange, money, the discussion will address the question to what extent Greece became a case study of one European fiscal policy, in which the crisis of the capital has once again turned into the crisis of the people in it. This raises the question where the reasons for it are to be looked for and which could be the possibilities of political counter-strategies.