Friday, January 13, 2012, 7 pm
Stations of Cinema

Round table with Stuart Comer (film curator Tate Modern, London), Ulrike Ottinger (film maker, Berlin) and Katharina Sykora (prof. for art history, HBK Brunswick), moderated by Ian White (film curator, artist, Berlin)

“Stations of Cinema˝ (Ulrike Ottinger) interweaves ideas about the cultural and social function of storytelling in relation to physical movement – migration, journeying – and communal and personal needs, tradition and invention, as a way of discussing the narrative function of film itself, and its potential. It proposes a model for cinematic narrative described as a progression between stasis (the sedentary) and movement (the nomadic), moments of contemplation and the development of plot. The relation between the sedentary and the nomadic provides a framework that cinema must constitute anew, a skeleton to be filled with a rich alternative to the glut of images produced and evacuated by advertising, that looks simultaneously to the past and to the future. (Ian White)

In English language, free admission