Saturday, February 28, 2009, 8 pm
The City as a Stage and My Favourite Pastime

Curated by Kathrin Becker (head of n.b.k. Video-Forum)
Location: Artprojx Space/Artists Film Club, London

Screening with works from the n.b.k. Video-Forum

The City as a Stage
Christian Jankowski, The hunt, 1992-1997
KP Brehmer,
Walkings Nr. 1-6, 1969/70
Denis Beaubois,
In the Event of Amnesia the City will recall, 1997
Calin Dan,
Sample City, 2003
Josef Robakowski,
From my window 1978-1999, 2000
Radek Community + Dmitri Gutov,
Demonstration, 2000
Hiroharu Mori,
Defocused Story, 2004
Larissa Sansour,
Happy Days, 2006
Ira Schneider,
The New York City Parking Game, 1987

My favourite Pastime
Marc Aschenbrenner, Zweite Sonne, 2005
Discoteca Flaming Star,
Anger and Depression, 2004
Patrycja German,
Barszcz, 2004
Nevin Aladag,
Familie Tezcan, 2001
Annika Eriksson,
Anagram, 2001
Larissa Sansour,
Happy Days, 2006
Bjørn Melhus,
The oral thing, 2001
Shahram Entekhabi,
Miguel, 2005
Oleg Kulik,
I Love Europe, She Does Not Love Me Back, 1996
Moser + Schwinger,
Acting Facts. From testimonies to Peers Commision 1970, 2003
Reynold Reynolds / Patrick Jolley,
The Drowning Room, 2000