Valérie Favre

Valérie Favre (*1959 in Evilar, Switzerland, living and working in Berlin), since 2006, is a professor of painting at the University of Arts in Berlin. From 1980 to 1998, she lived in Paris, where she became one of the most important painters of France. Her paintings, usually painted in oils, show figures, landscapes and scenes, although these motifs often remain only hinted at. This vagueness and the dark shades give the pictures an eerie mood. With the edition Lapine univers in falscher Monotypie (Lapine univers in false monotype), Favre presents a series with her most distinctive character, the Lapine univers (universal female hare), which repeatedly appears in Favre’s work. The hybrid female figure with long hare’s ears is a mythical creature, feminine figurehead, heroine and anti-heroine simultaneously. Her works were shown at, among others, Musee d’art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg, (2015/2016); Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (2013); Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2012); K21, Dusseldorf (2010); Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2010); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2009); Kunstverein Ulm (2008).

Lapine univers in falscher Monotypie
2011, Oil on paper, 65 × 50 cm, 6 unique pieces, signed and numbered
2.100 euro member, 2.400 euro non-member
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