Silke Wagner

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n.b.k. Exhibitions Vol. 1 – Silke Wagner.

Edited by Marius Babias. With a preface by Marius Babias and texts by Brigitte Franzen, Hagen Kopp, Florian Waldvogel, and Silke Wagner.

176 pages, with illustrations (mostly color), soft cover, German/English, 19.80 Euro / 15.00 Euro (members), Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne 2008, ISBN 978-3-86560-438-5

The artist Silke Wagner is considered one of the most substantial representatives of her generation; her work is highly influential. Wagner’s artistic interventions move beyond traditional artistic media and fields of action. With her works, she mobilizes publicity and creates potential for communication and new spaces for action. Collaborations with “kein mensch ist illegal” or anti-racist groups involve the artist in social movements and confront her with socially relevant issues such as the construction of the Other in the course of Europeanization. This book is the first comprehensive monograph on Wagner.

With texts by Marius Babias, Brigitte Franzen, Hagen Kopp, Silke Wagner, Florian Waldvogel, et al.

The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition
Silke Wagner.

The publication can be purchased at local bookshops, via the website of Buchhandlung Walther König, and at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Members of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein can buy the book at n.b.k. for the special price of 15.00 Euro.