Lost in America

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n.b.k. Exhibitions Vol. 24 – Lost in America

Edited by Marius Babias and John Miller. With an introduction by Marius Babias and Arkadij Koscheew as well as texts by Amy Allen, Dan Graham, John Miller, Martha Rosler a. o.

320 pages, with color illustrations, soft cover, 19.80 Euro / 15.00 Euro (members), Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne 2021, ISBN 978-3-96098-974-5

Bringing together 37 works by 19 artists from the United States, the exhibition Lost in America explored the ideological conditions shaping artistic production, urban planning, architecture and design. This publication not only serves as a documentation of the exhibition but also brings together a series of essays representating different critical perspectives. In his essay on the exhibition, John Miller explores the relationship between language, economics, and ideology. Amy Allen offers fundamental reflections on the power of progress in relation to anti-discriminatory practices. In the panel discussion on „Design and Ideology,“ Alexander Alberro, Dan Graham, Caitlin MacBride, Cameron Rowland, and John Miller analyze the link between ideology and commodity production in the US. In the panel discussion „Institution and Subjectivity as Social Constructs,“ Carver Audain, Calla Henkel, and Max Pitegoff, Eric de Bruyn, Coco Fusco, and John Miller discuss the extent to which identity is only produced in an environment of institutionalized ascriptions of others. Furthermore, two previously unpublished texts by Dan Graham are included in this publication: „Homes for America Rewind“ und „Orange County Rocks“. Additionally, this publication also includes a facsimile of Graham’s initial magazine article „Homes for America“ (1966) as well as a facsimile of Martha Rosler’s essay „The Secret of the Rosenbergs“, which was part of her work Framing Ethel Rosenberg (1988).

The publication can be purchased at local bookshops, via the website of Buchhandlung Walther König, and at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Members of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein can buy the book at n.b.k. for the special price of 15.00 Euro.