Founded in 1971, the Video-Forum is one of the oldest collections of video art in Germany and comprises over 1,700 works of video art from international artists. The comprehensive collection is yearly extended by several new works. 
In the year 2019, the purchase of video works for the collection was made possible by financial resources from the artists’ funding scheme by the Senate of Berlin's Department of Cultural Affairs and by the financial means from the institutional funding of the n.b.k., both funded by the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin.

New acquisitions 2019

Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz
To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation, 2013

John Bock
Kaczynskis Unruh, 2019

John Bock
In Schmerzen heimeln, 2019

Candice Breitz
Factum Misericordia, 2009
from the series
Factum, 2010

Candice Breitz
LABOUR (NITUP), 2019 (n.b.k. co-production)

Eduard Constantin
When Living in the West - The Neighbours, 2004
Outside View, 2004

Antje Ehmann, Eva Stotz
Labour in a Single Shot: Marseille, 2018
Portrait of a city composed by Labour-in-a-Single-Shot films

Guerilla Architects
Die Sprache der Spekulation, 2019

Lia Perjovschi
The Magic of the Gesture (Laces), 1989

Daniel Poller
Berlin nach '89, 2019

Tomas Schmit
e-constellations, 2004

Schroeter & Berger
How not to be Berlin. Ein Cut-Up zu Berlins Stadtmarketing, 2019

Hito Steyerl
Duty Free Art, 2015

Clarissa Thieme
Today is 11th June 1993, 2018

A selection of the newly aquired works will be screened on the n.b.k. website.