A 37 90 89 – Die Erfindung der Neo-Avantgarde

September 27, 2018 – January 27, 2019

Opening: Wednesday, September 26, 6pm

The exhibition project A 37 90 89 – Die Erfindung der Neo-Avantgarde, is dedicated to the project space A 37 90 89, which was founded in Antwerp in 1969 and has significantly shaped the development of project spaces worldwide. It quintessentially influenced subsequent models of alternative project spaces, producer galleries and participatory initiatives. The artists and mediators involved in Antwerp are today among the outstanding exponents of the neo-avant-garde.

Taking the 50th anniversary of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and of the project space A 37 90 89 in Antwerp as an occasion, the presentation and reappraisal of the historical project space A 37 90 89 reconstructs the period of social upheavals around 1968/1969 and makes it productive and tangible for our time.

At the same time, the history of the n.b.k. is related to the activities in Antwerp and furthermore – through co-operation with the project space after the butcher – a bridge is built to the present and to today’s project spaces in Berlin.

A project by Neuer Berliner Kunstvereins in cooperation with Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art as well as after the butcher, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds